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2020 Annual General Meeting

Votes Open for members


Dear Owner;

The online voting will be available from October 10 through November 9, 2020 at midnight. 

Once the online voting is open, you can access the system in our members area

. Check the steps below to access and cast your vote: 

  1. login to the members area in the top menu OWNERS SERVICES  > LOGIN or click HERE
  2. Once you login in the members area, scroll down to see the lateral menu (check image below)
  3. Click in the menu item VOTING to access the area to cast your vote (check image below)
  4. Once in the voting area follow the instructions. 

This is friendly reminder to all our members with voting privilege to ensure that everyone does vote and access correctly to the system. 

Once you access the vote area, please ensure that you put in your e-mail address to receive a confirmation and summary of your vote . 

Please click to view the 2020 Annual General Meeting Convocation.

Terms & Conditions

Since your vote is private, only the external auditors have the access to see who has casted their votes already.

We ask that you please disregard the reminders if you had already voted. No need to send us an e-mail to verify if we received your vote.