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Message from the Board

April, 2020


Message From The Board of Directors April 2020

As we all endure the challenges and difficulties associated with the international COVID-19 crisis, La Cabana continues to focus on what’s important to you — the Owners, and all of the staff at our beautiful home away from home.

The Resort is closed now, but we do have a small group of management and associates on site to keep up with the maintenance, landscaping and upgrading projects. We all remain optimistic as we all comply with social distancing and physical distancing rules, help out where we can and look forward to better days ahead.

As some of you may know, an email was sent out to owners by a group naming itself the Fixed Week Owners Association (FWOA) talking about a quest to change the board management structure and voting system of our timeshare COOP. That email also asked owners to send donations to support their costs of pursuing legal action.

We want to assure you that message was not a message from us — your Board of Directors; but, moreover, it was apparently crafted and sent out by the leadership of a small group of owners. The FWOA wants to seemingly discredit or cast doubt about our efforts and our commitment to responsible decision making on behalf of all owners — and in accordance with the laws of Aruba and our Articles of Association. We share your disappointment about this attack on our integrity and on the utter joy and happiness we generally all experience at La Cabana year after year.

We want to further assure you that your Board of Directors and the Management Team of La Cabana have not and will never ask you for extra funds, except in the exceptional case of needing to raise the annual maintenance fees or in the case of having to deal with an unforeseen emergency.

We have tried to reason with the FWOA and spent a lot of time discussing their concerns about the Board and about the voting system. Each member of your Board is hardworking and committed to ensuring excellence at La Cabana on behalf of all owners and guests. As you know, a vacation club known as BlueGreen owns about 30% of our shares and when they vote, they vote as a block in support of people they feel will best fill a position on the Board — in much the same way the majority of the shareholders (you, our fixed week owners) exercise your vote.

Our Resort has a stellar reputation and has proudly and deservedly received many awards and accolades. We know the majority of our owners share this sentiment and we look forward to serving you to the very highest of standards in the years ahead.

If you do have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us through the ASK US tab in the FORUM section of this website.

We appreciate this opportunity to communicate with you and want to wish you all the best in this unprecedented time in the world’s history.