During the last couple of weeks we have been receiving complaints from owners and guests who became victims of online scamming.

Online Scamming comes with all the advancement in technology. This does not mean that our website is not secure. Our website is secure!
However, the Forums/Boards is open to the public to view rentals and/or units for sale. Our members, who are posting their units for sale and/or for rent, do include their e-mail addresses on the site. Unregistered guests looking for units to rent or to buy also respond to postings adding their contact information. This is how scammers are getting a hold of e-mail addresses, unit numbers and week numbers.

Before engaging in monetary transactions with third parties, always verify if the offer is legitimate first!

Ask the “owner” to contact Owners Services of La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino in writing to authorize us to release information to you for rental and/or resale purposes. Once the owner provides you with a copy of this authorization that he/she forwarded to us, proceed to call us directly or contact us via e-mail to verify if the offer is legitimate first. Contact us via email: [email protected] using as subject line Room Reservations or Owners Services. Forms received from the “owner” should not have any edit stamp on them. Edited forms are forged. Click here to view samples of a forged document: Authorization to Release Information to Third Party

Pay attention to e-mails. Our e-mail addresses consist of our first name, the first or 2 to 3 letters of our last name There are no numbers or symbols in our email addresses. Anything different is not legitimate.

Pay attention to deposit requests through Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, and even bank accounts under a different name.

Be aware of names that have appeared in scams: Nora Rodgers, Michael Palmer, Lane Romano, Philip Ciaravino, Amy Fisher, Tania Fisher, Gina Hom, Edward Nowicki, Pat Esposito Jr., Margy Slonaker. More creative names may appear in the future.

Any similarity to existing owners’ names may be the result of a scammer’s transaction(s) and in no way proves that such owner may be involved.