On December 1st a new service to Aruba’s visitors was introduced, which is the online version of Aruba’s Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card).

Currently, the ED-card is handed out to visitors on-board their flight. With the introduction of this new online version, visitors can now go to as soon as they book their trip and fill out the ED-card as a convenient ahead-of-time alternative. The purpose of the online ED-card is first and foremost to offer Aruba’s visitors the opportunity to comfortably complete the ED-card online before embarking on their journey to Aruba.

We have also produced a video in English and Spanish which can be shared on social media channels:

Click HERE for the fact sheet that provides a good overview of what the project entails.

The information for the online ED card is available on -

For further information please contact Melanie Evans Kelly, Manager of the Strategy, Research, and Planning department at [email protected]