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Room No: 204B Week No: 22


The covid-19 pandemica brought the best and the worst out of people and businesses. You paid a maintenance fee but ZERO benefits this year. You could NOT use your week, Interval doesn't let you deposit it and if you live on the Island you are informed that after 20 years you cannot use the facilities anymore outside the week(s) of your timeshare. Only those having weeks later this year can use them before July 10th 2020 and those who had weeks between March and June 25th can just forget it! Probably the time has come to sell your week(s) and cancel your Interval membership. These days most people are hurting financially and it's really not the time to play the benefactor to La Cabana and Interval. To top things off, locally paying gym members are also treated with a kick in the butt, or you pay 3 - 6 or 12 months membership for a 45 minutes workout slot and refrain from using lockers, showers and sauna or you're OUT. Welcome to the 'New Normal'.

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