WARNING: Scamming: Before engaging in monetary transactions with third parties, please verify if the offer is legitimate! Ask the owner to contact Owners Services of La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino in writing to authorize us to release information to you for rental and/or resale purposes. Once the owner provides you with a copy of this authorization that he/she forwarded to us, proceed to call us directly or contact us via e-mail to verify if the offer is legitimate first. Go to CONTACT US and choose Room Reservations or Owners Services. Forms should not have any edit stamp on them. Edited forms are forged. Be aware of names appearing in scams: Nora Rodgers, Michael Palmer, Lane Romano, Philip Ciaravino, Amy Fisher, Tania Fisher, Gina Hom, Edward Nowicki, Margy Slonaker, Von Kamen, Susan Ellis, Pat Esposito Jr., Shelly Ackerly. Any similarity to existing owners’ names may be the result of a scammer’s transaction(s) and in no way proves that such owner may be involved.

La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino will not be held responsible for, but not limited to, any negotiations, money transactions and/or incorrect information between third parties.

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Schmidt  replied to a thread HVAC Noise on Roof. North Side!!  in Questions about Renovations

Sounds like a pump on the roof running dry. It was so loud I heard it from in the water at the beach. I believe it is something you should look into seeing we just paid for a new system on the roof. The AC and Domestic Hot water works great!!!! I am sure the upper floors hear it, and surprised no one posted.

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Schmidt  replied to a thread Curious!!!  in Ask Us


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Schmidt  replied to a thread Curious!!!  in Ask Us

I was wondering why there isn't a page telling you on the resort layout what the unit is Studio,1 bedroom, etc...?

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Schmidt  replied to a thread WK. #11 Rm.#215B Thurs. to Thurs. Studio  in FOR RENT

Looking to rent due to cancellation!!!! Call 508-399-6765 or Cell 774-203-8752. Paul Schmidt.