Frequently Asked Questions

How do I protect myself against scammers?

When renting and/or purchasing a timeshare week from another owner, make sure that the owner is legitimate first before sending money.

1. The owner should authorize us in writing to release information to anyone interested in renting and/or buying from the owner and copy the interested party in the e-mail.

2. Once a verification is received from La Cabana, proceed to contact La Cabana directly to verify that the information did indeed come from La Cabana. Go on our website, click on Contact Us, choose Reservations and send us an e-mail directly from the website. Or, call us to confirm that the verification was indeed sent by us. Unfortunately, scammers often copy our signatures and e-mails to make it look as if La Cabana has confirmed their ownership.

3. Pay attention if the owner requests payment through Western Union or even Paypal.

4. Pay attention when different names appear in the correspondence. 

5. Pay attention to the grammar.