Frequently Asked Questions

What papers are needed to process the Transfer of Ownership?

  • Original Transfer of Ownership form, duly signed and individually notarized by all current owners (sellers) and new owners (buyers) (instructions how to complete).
  • Verification of Ownership completely and correctly filled out and signed by the NEW OWNERS (buyers).
  • Original Share Certificate. In the event that the original share certificate is not available, a signed and notarized Affidavit Of Lost Share Certificate.
  • La Cabana Membership cards for the contract being transferred.
  • Copy of payoff letter if original contract was financed by Bluegreen Properties N.V.
  • Non-Refundable Transfer fee of US$ 250.00 per new "share certificate" (or contract) to be issued. This fee can only be paid by credit card or cashier's check payable to: La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino. You can make the payment online through this link.
  • Room Renovation Special Assessment Payment: Total amount due has to be paid.
  • Maintenance Fee payment: Amounts